Gamble Jones

Customized Individual Portfolios

Our portfolios begin with you. Your individual objectives and risk tolerance dictate the asset allocation mix of each unique portfolio. While we adhere to a policy of prudent diversification, we believe in concentrating capital in our best ideas, which typically leads to the construction of equity portfolios with 15-30 holdings. This approach allows for extensive research and understanding of our investments. With this in mind, we build tailored portfolios based on your needs and preferences, including:

  • Tax sensitivity
  • Income targets
  • Capital appreciation
  • Wealth preservation
  • Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

Gamble Jones Capital Management

A division of Gamble Jones Investment Counsel

For investors interested in one of our specific portfolios, Gamble Jones Capital Management offers four unique strategies that represent the best ideas of our investment team, unconstrained by outside objectives. These strategies may serve as an investor’s core portfolio or as a complement to an existing portfolio.

We offer four distinct solutions that address different investment objectives:

  • Focused Equity
  • Growth
  • Equity Income
  • Balanced

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