Gamble Jones

Our Investment Approach

Our goal is to make investors comfortable with an investment approach that is focused on their specific long-term needs and goals. We are a firm that is dedicated to working with our clients like they are family, being accessible and available. We provide our clients with an unrivaled relationship that leads to quality long-term investment results through a focused and disciplined approach. We achieve this through:

Holistic Research Holistic Research

Uncover truly great companies that become solid investments

A Disciplined Approach A Disciplined Approach

Avoid paying too much for these companies

Long-term Focus Long-term Focus

Benefit from compounding growth and risk management


How Our Team Works with You

At Gamble Jones, you have access to our entire team, which works in a collaborative environment with constant communication. Our portfolio managers provide you with expert, unbiased advice and continuous supervision of marketable securities. We do not maintain a securities inventory and do not derive income from securities transactions.

Our teams consist of:

  • Relationship Managers: serve as your main point of contact
  • Portfolio Managers: responsible for research and investment decisions
  • Client Service Team: handles requests and administrative duties

Every portfolio is monitored to ensure adherence to investment guidelines and to respond to an ever-changing environment. Communication is the cornerstone to building a long-lasting relationship. We work diligently to protect your privacy and have safeguards in place to ensure that your personal and financial information is protected.


Our Research Process

We utilize fundamental analysis to identify companies that we believe are undervalued relative to their earnings power. Our holistic, research-driven process focuses on companies with differentiated business models, proven shareholder-oriented management teams, and robust free-cash flow. We believe that focusing on these attributes helps identify quality companies whose securities are likely to produce higher excess returns over time.

These businesses typically have characteristics such as high returns on capital, organic growth, stable or expanding profits and a demonstrated ability to consistently increase earnings and cash flow over time. We view our clients as part-owners of these companies and believe in letting these exceptional businesses create value over time.