Gamble Jones

Our Story Begins With You

As a client, your needs are important to us, and this is the reason we have been dedicated to helping individuals and families manage and grow their wealth and investments for over 60 years.

We take the time to get to know each client—the old-fashioned way. At Gamble Jones, we value personal relationships that go deep beyond the surface to really understand your unique aspirations. By putting time, effort and care into every interaction, we are continually building upon the relationships we have with our clients. It’s how we continue to deliver comprehensive solutions with personalized service—tailored to your unique needs. Our flexible, team approach ensures that you have peace of mind that we are proactively striving to meet and exceed your goals.

We enhance our legacy, collective experience and investment track record with client-first technology and security to support our range of products and services. It’s this unique combination of values and approach that helps Gamble Jones to stand out among our industry peers and to create lasting, unique relationships with each client.

As a registered investment adviser (RIA) and fiduciary, Gamble Jones is held to a high standard of care. Our firm’s interests are completely aligned with those of our clients, and Gamble Jones does not generate revenue from trading or selling proprietary products—so we can place your interests first.

Our Founder

A unique legacy of community service and social responsibility

Jim Gamble was an early pioneer of social responsibility, investment management and community outreach. Born in Cincinnati in 1922, he was the great-grandson of James Gamble, the founder of Procter and Gamble. He attended Princeton University and Harvard Business School. He also served in World War II as a member of the US Army during the Battle of the Bulge, earning a Bronze Star and the rank of captain. In 1946, he married Harriet Seaton, and they moved to Pasadena. In 1956, he established the investment counsel firm that became Gamble Jones.

Jim Gamble’s vision was to create a firm that could do more than exclusively offer portfolio management advice. He wanted the firm to be a family office that could serve as a resource for our unique clients, both in their finances and in life. He also wanted the firm to be a leader in community outreach. Gamble Jones still adheres to these same tenets today.

Raised in a tradition of social responsibility, Jim served on numerous boards and was instrumental in the growth and development of several institutions and organizations, among them Huntington Hospital, the Northern Michigan Hospital and Pasadena Community Chest.